Tuna Pie ( with bread and paté)

Ingredients :

1 package of sliced white ( or whole grain ) bread

2 cans of Tuna

2  table spoons of catchup

1  table spoon of mustard

6  table spoons of dressing sauce ( like Miracle Whip )

1 pinch of parsley

half  onion cutted in very small pieces

Milk to  soak the bread

How to make it 

1. Remove the bark of the bread slices

2. Mix all the ingredients together to  make the paté.

3. In a plate ,  you have to place 4 slices of bread , shaped in a square . With a spoon ,spill some milk over   the bread and cover it with paté.

4.. Over the paté  , place 4 more slices of bread , spill them with milk and cover the slices again with the paté .

5. Repeat this sequence until the last layer  is ready( it will be enough for 4 layers)

6. Cover the last layer with paté and the beside the pie you can finish the decoration with the dressing sauce

7. The decoration above the pie is according to your creativity( the photo is just a suggestion )

*Idea : eat the pie with a lovely green salad.Enjoy it !!